Delivery Service by Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit


Select dishes from Carlton’s two restaurants, Tuxedo Espresso Bar and Plate Restaurant, are now live on Foodpanda and LineMan

Tuxedo is known for delivering the highest standards of coffee and a superbly curated list of creations, a dedication to the long standing European cafe culture.

The renowned Afternoon Tea from Tuxedo is now available for delivery daily from 12:00 am – 4:30 pm. Appreciate the afternoon and be the first to sample three new pastry creations: Blueberry & Brie Grill Cheese Honey Toast, Pulled Pork Ciabatta and Crème Catalane, Orange Crème Brulée.

Other highlights include the Laugen Croissant, Neat & Dirty Tuxedo signature coffee blends and Old Scottish Scones Set - served with Cream Chantilly, Butter and Jam. Check out the latest coffee menu, pastries and cakes on your app.

Enjoy a distinctive selection of Straits dishes freshly cooked and delivered from Plate Restaurant such as Singapore Chicken Rice and Singapore Laksa. We also offer a wide variety of cuisines including Salads, Burgers, Pizza and Pasta.

เบอร์โทร : 02 090 7888
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