Get To Know: Dale Carnegie Course – Unleash Your Sales Potential

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Dale Carnegie Thailand would like to invite you join us and other respected sales leaders on the 7th October to get to know our program Dale Carnegie Course: Unleash Your Sales Potential.

Uniquely designed to provide salespersons with effective sales communications and client relation skills, the official launch highlights the contents of the program and the significant impact it will have on the performance of your sales team.

On 7th October from 09:00AM to 12:00PM, receive exclusive insights to give your sales team the advantage they need.

“Empower your Sales Team to Take Command”

Long term customer loyalty is driven by trusted relationships with the salespersons in your organization. In fact, to most consumers trusting their salesperson is more important that getting the lowest price.

We asked more than 1,600 customers around the world how they would describe a trustworthy salesperson and their responses overwhelmingly included people skills such as being confident, capable and customer-focused, understanding how to communicate and provide value as key drivers.


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