“OISHI” joins “BETAGRO” to launch ready-to-cook Japanese cuisine – a convenient, delicious alternative to takeout


Since the arrival of the epidemic situation in early last year, strict safety measures have changed consumers’ lifestyles, with many opting to buy ready-to-cook food or prepackaged ready-to-eat meals.

In line with this, “OISHI” – King of Japanese Food under the banner of OISHI Group Public Company Limited – recently joined up with Betagro Group to launch “Shabu - Shabu Hygienic Pork Set” by OISHI and BETAGRO.

This ready-to-cook meal, created with top quality ingredients to deliver delicious Japanese flavors, was created in response to the needs of consumers looking for fresh, ready-to-cook options to produce meals at home quickly and easily.

The “Shabu - Shabu Hygienic Pork Set” by OISHI and BETAGRO showcases the strengths of each brand, beautifully packaged with Japan’s delectable shabu-shabu dish, comprising black soup paired with narutomaki (Japanese fish cake) and sukiyaki sauce from SHABUSHI. Combined with selected fresh ingredients, including sliced pork – pork loin, pork neck and pork belly – tofu and eggs from BETAGRO, the “Shabu - Shabu Hygienic Pork Set” can be served up as a satisfying meal for one or two people.

Priced at 299 baht, the sets will be sold through modern trade channels including more than 90 branches of leading supermarkets and hypermarts, such as Big C, CJ Express, Dear Tummy, Gourmet Market, Lotus, Tops and Villa Market. The product will soon be available in more stores both in Bangkok and other key provinces.

This OISHI - BETAGRO collaboration marks the start of a creative synergy put together to deliver a flavorsome experience presented with high-quality fresh ingredients combined to deliver the best in Japanese cuisine. Get ready for more recipes that will be released in the market soon for people who want quick, ready-to-cook options.

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