Gloria Jean's Coffees create a new character with M.L. Chiratorn.

อุปโภค บริโภค

Gloria Jean's Coffees and M.L. Chiratorn catch the paintbrush,

create a new character, hoping Thai people can get experience in the quality coffees taste, world-class standards.

Gloria Jean's Coffees, The Coffee House Premium grade, world-class standard from Australia, with more than 800 branches in 50 countries around the world, launched the ceramic cup products, the first limited edition collection that specially designed for Gloria jean's in Thailand, especially the works from M.L. Chiratorn Chirapravati, the famous drawing artist.

Mrs. Vannatee Boonchan, Senior Marketing Consultant, Primo Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., the copyright owner of Gloria Jean's Coffees, Thailand, said, "Gloria Jean's Coffees is the Coffee House Premium grade, world-class standard, origin from Australia. With the dedication to get the best cup of coffee and the intention to make high quality coffee, so we travel to finding for 100% specialty Arabica coffee beans from all over famous places in the world, to bring it into the process under the control of the coffee expert to get the Gloria Jean's Coffees that maintains the freshness to be a favorite cup of coffee in the customer hands.

This time, it is a special opportunity of Gloria Jean's Coffee, Thailand, to be honored by M.L. Chiratorn Chirapravati, or Kru Toh, the famous drawing artist, fashion designer and an art teacher who has the own unique and famous, with the first collection, the line drawing works on a ceramic cup, the first limited edition collection, which has two designs to collect. A special design with lines drawing that show the unique and identity of M.L. Chiratorn Chirapravati, it is a beautiful pattern that designed for Gloria Jean's Coffee, Thailand, to be a connection for Gloria Jean's Coffee and Thai people to get the experience of the aroma of Gloria Jean's Coffee style coffee, and also be a represent for create the relationship between Gloria Jean's Coffee and Thai people, to present about love, care, passing on the story about coffee beans and the journey of Gloria Jean's Coffee that flying around the world to find for 100% the best Arabica coffee beans, to be the only one specialty coffee in the world."

Mrs. Vannatee continued, "Primo Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., has been the copyright owner of Gloria Jean's Coffees, Thailand, in 2007 or B.E. 2550 ago. There is a total of 12 branches which have received the same quality control standards throughout the world, since the selection of species from the roasting process under the control of a coffee expert, In order to obtain the most unique flavor from each source completely and it will be packed in a one-way valve bag which is the air cannot enter inside the bag, so consumers can be confident that every coffee or every cup that you drink, it will remain as a fresh coffee and the same standard that everyone around the world drink."

"In addition to the attention to the selection of quality products, Gloria Jean's Coffees has also collaborated with the Rainforest Alliance to support the conservation and protection of wildlife, natural vegetation, ecology, and environment, also promote the creation of housing, provide education in production and the creation of a career for local communities in many countries. With such cooperation, Gloria Jean's coffees choose to use more than 85% coffee from farms that have been approved by the Rainforest Alliance Certified, which can be seen from the symbol that is attached on every package. This is the secret behind every cup of coffee that you drink, and it is one of the prides of Gloria Jean's Coffees that customer can be a part of creating and changing a life with us"

"Commitment to be the first choice of coffee shop in the heart and loved by people around the world is something that always pushes us to continue finding the best thing and creating the best coffee, it will have to fill the attention of the coffee maker as well. We serve every cup of coffees with the intention and meticulousness, in order to obtain the quality coffee that comes from real intentions. This is the value that Gloria Jean's Coffee always proud," said Mrs. Vannatee.

You can experience the world-class quality coffee which has the unique with the taste of premium grade coffee. Now at Gloria Jean's Coffees Thailand, all branches. For more information. Please contract 098-936-9891 or and Facebook: Gloria Jean's Coffees Thailand, #GloriaJeansThailand

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