Bitkub made claims against allegations on KUB orders by validator nodes

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According to the accusations on social media regarding the partners who received KUB Coins as stated in the whitepaper, in the amount of 5% or 50,000,000 KUB, have sold their allocations of KUB, resulting in a negative shift in the KUB market price, along with any other negative accusations regarding the node validators. The company would like to clarify that the allegations are not true.

The business partner listed in the documentation is not the community of companies participating as a validator node. The distribution of coins to business partners is not yet scheduled in the whitepaper or the company.

Bitkub Blockchain Technology would like to clarify that the following companies are in the status of a Validator Node or a Transaction Confirmation Node on the Bitkub Chain, where the Validator Node is primarily accountable for documenting and approving transactions. All the Validator Nodes will receive compensation only from the transaction confirmation.

Saha Pattana Piboon Public Company Limited

Ananda Development Public Company Limited

SiS Distribution (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Company Limited

2C2P (Thailand) Company Limited

TPCS Public Company Limited

Siamrajathanee Public Company Limited

PROEN Corp Public Company Limited

SIX Network PTE. Ltd.

GetLinks (Thailand) Company Limited

SmartContract Blockchain Studio

The company hereby confirms that the amount of 5% or 50,000,000 KUB has not been distributed and that the above-listed companies do not hold any KUB. The mentioned amount is reserved for the development of the Bitkub Chain.

Participants as a business partner will receive KUB from transactions originating from this address only :

You can always check the transparency on the Bitkub Chain Explorer.

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Bitkub Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

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