“ThaiFightCOVID” Introduces “Card2U” App that Features Latest Updates on COVID-19 Situation, Now Available to Download

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Bangkok, April 6, 2020–“ThaiFightCOVID” by the Digital Economy and Society (MDES)

Ministry launched the new “Card2U” application that will serve as a comprehensive platform

featuring all latest updates on the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19). It is now available

to download for Android and iOS.

Digital Economy and Society (MDES) Minister Buddhipongse Punnakanta said the

Digital Economy Promotion Agency or depa that developed the “ThaiFightCOVID” platform

introduced the “Card2U” mobile application that gathers all information about the pandemic of the

COVID-19 at the global scale and the virus outbreak situation in Thailand. Now, the latest updates

on COVID-19 are ready to deliver to your handsets.

“The “Card2U” app is created in collaboration between the depa, Ecartstudio, the provider

of digital card services on mobile phone and a Thai digital startup firm that received investment

incentives and promotions from the depa, and IBM Thailand. The “Card2U” app made its debut

March 20, it is further developed from the website “ThaiFightCOVID.depa.or.th” The app serves

as an all-inclusive channel to provide information-based services amid concerns about the spread

of the COVID-19,” said the minister.

The “Card2U” app features a range of beneficial menus, comprising breaking news,

COVID-19 daily news summary, government announcements, verification of fake news, updated

number of confirmed COVID-19 infection cases by the Public Health Ministry, risky areas that

people should avoid visiting, tracking of your places visited, COVID-19 infection risk evaluation, list

of diagnostic labs and hospitals for testing COVID-19, promotions for survival during crisis such as

food and essentials, list of emergency numbers, emergency assistance as well as “Thai Ru Su

COVID” page run by the Public Health Ministry, www.facebook.com/thaimoph/

Buddhipongse added that the Card2U app is developed to provide services to the public

as people can instantly receive updated situation and accurate information about the virus outbreak.

It is trustworthy amid the escalating COVID-19 pandemic. People do not need to waste time

searching for the updated virus outbreak situation from other sources. It is also easily accessible

via mobile phone and smart devices. The Card2U app is now available to download for Android

and iOS and it is free of charge.


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