​Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Kantary Hotel Ban Chang


Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony at Kantary Hotel Ban Chang

Aussana Jantapa (9th left), Senior General Manager of Classic Kameo Hotel, Rayong together with Kittidech Kummung (7th left), Hotel Manager of Kantary Hotel, Ban Chang; Plubplung Yimmuang (13thleft), Hotel Manager of Kameo Grand Hotel, Rayong and Sornchai Jumparueang (14th left), Resident Manager of Kantary Bay Hotel, Rayong warmly welcome Kittipong Urawat (8th left), Ban Chang District Chief on the occasion of the honor of presiding over the Christmas tree lighting ceremony 2023, Suchin Pulhiran (5th left), Mayor of Ban Chang Sub-district Municipality, Niran Prachayakul (6th left), Member of the Rayong Provincial Administrative Organization Council and honor guests witnessed and celebrate the ceremony at Kantary Hotel, Ban Chang.

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    22 ธ.ค. 2023 17:31:33

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