Mula-X Partners with HumanOS to Revolutionise Employee Financial Wellness in Thailand

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(Bangkok, Thailand – 7 August 2023) – Mula-X, an award-winning fintech organisation dedicated to improving financial inclusion for underserved communities in Southeast Asia, has announced a strategic collaboration with HumanOS, Thailand's leading Human Resources Information System (HRIS) provider. This partnership is set to enhance financial wellness for employees in Thailand, enabling responsible financial management through innovative technology solutions.

The announcement was made during a media luncheon event co-hosted by both companies under the theme "Future of Work for Responsible Employer: Enabling Employees through Technology and Financial Wellness." The event allowed both companies to engage with potential clients and media, spurring discussions around responsible employment and accessible financial services.

Highlighting the need for the partnership, a recent article by Jarumanee Nakasiri, Chief Strategy & Governance Officer at Mula-X, cited the detrimental effects of financial stress on mental health and workplace productivity. Specifically, the article noted that eight in 10 consumers experienced mental health issues in the past six months, primarily due to financial stress. This new partnership aims to alleviate these concerns by leveraging technology to promote responsible financial management.

As part of the alliance, Mula-X's financial services will be seamlessly integrated into the HumanOS HR tech platform, providing one-click access to Mula-X's financial products offerings for HumanOS employer subscribers and simplifying onboarding and approval processes for employees for these products.

The partnership aims to harness HumanOS's extensive user base of 300,000 employees to extend Mula-X's reach and impact significantly. In return, HumanOS will enhance its HRIS platform offerings with Mula-X's financial services, delivering improved user experience and efficiency for its clients.

Initially, the collaboration will launch two flagship products: Salary2Wallet and Salary Xpress (Salary on Demand) benefits. Along with the MULA Financial Learning portal, these solutions are designed to empower HumanOS users to improve their financial health and user experience, with additional financial solutions to be rolled out as opportunities present themselves.

Lyn Kok, Founder and CEO of Mula-X, commented, “Our alliance with HumanOS aligns perfectly with our shared mission to empower employees through technology. This partnership promises to alleviate the financial stress experienced by many Thai workers by providing secure and easily accessible financial services.”

Thirapong Tanthasilp, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of HumanOS, commented. “We are delighted to be partnering with Mula-X, as their financial products and learning portal will enhance our offerings to our user base thus enabling our corporate employers to provide greater benefits to their employees.”

With the ongoing financial challenges faced by employees in Thailand, this partnership underscores the commitment of both Mula-X and HumanOS to alleviate financial stress and foster financial wellness.

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