Maimo announced the launch of a new product! Maimo Watch R


Bangkok Thailand, June 2022 - Maimo is a company focused on smart wearable products. And it was founded at 70mai, which is Xiaomi’s ecological company. The brand was inspired to create smart wearables “Can be used more seamlessly” with people’s lives from functional to emotional. Our mission is to help you stay healthy and more importantly is creating a better product for you with experience, innovation, and enthusiasm. The Maimo team was proven in the global wearables market by the people behind the creation of Xiaomi’s smart watch, from product design to research development and production.

Maimo launch of new product ‘Maimo Watch R’ is a stylish and well-designed smart watch. This product comes with the definition of “Designed to be a part of you”. A target audience for product users in the age range of 18-30 years. The design is designed with premium fashion. Distinctive with a luxurious stainless steel dial. It also uses materials that reduce scratches. The back of the watch is made from biodegradable polyamides and fiberglass. As well as being able to prevent irritation that will occur on the skin of the weare as well.

Innovative ergonomic design. The watch is slim and lightweight, Ensures maximum comfort in every movement. There are over 100 watch faces ready for you to choose. Watch bands in more than 6 colors that can be matched according to your look. The watch also features Maiday’s assistant, Maimo’s AI that can self-learn from behavior and prioritize the features users use the most. The longer you wear the watch, the more MaiDay understands the user.

It also has Strong fitness & Health Function and Smart features to make your life easier with sport mode, with automatic exercise detection heartbeat detection stress gauge blood oxygen including being able to measure sleep as well. There is a reminder to drink water. You can set a daily water intake goal and also remind you how much water to drink to be enough. And for women, Maimo Watch R has a health reminder mode for women, for example during menstruation. Safe period, ovulation period, including ovulation day. It can be said that it covers everything.

Maimo Watch R has a battery life up to 12 days, so users don’t have to worry about running out of battery. Camera and Music notifications can be controlled by connecting to the Maimo Fit App to control your phone’s camera and music playlists via the Watch R. It’s also water resistant to a water pressure of 50 M. This smartwatch has GPS tracking and non-GPS contact


About Maimo

The Maimo team focuses on smart wearable products and was founded by Xiaomi ecosystem company 70mai. We believe that the core of our product goes beyond its functional form. It is an extension of the wearer, defining their own expression that ties them to the social fabric.

Experienced. Innovative. Enthusiastic.The Maimo team is proven in the global wearable market as the people behind Xiaomi smartwatches from product design to research development, and manufacturing.

We are inspired to make smart wearables that 'Fit Better' to people's life from the functional to emotional levels. It comes down to our mission to help you keep fit, and more importantly, fit you better.

About Product launch

The Maimo brand is a subsidiary of 70Mai. Maimo Watch R will be launched in offline channels in 50 leading department stores and online platform shopee(70mai official store) during June 28-30, 2022. In addition, the brand has organized an event to promote smart watch products Maimo Watch R on July 3, 2022 to promote the community and promote sale of such products. Held in 3 branches : Com7(Future Park-Rangsit), TG Fone(Central l West Gate), VM (Fashion island)

In this product launch event models were invited to showcase their products and play games with prizes such as t-shirts, headphones, skateboards, etc. If anyone has an order for maimo watch R at event, there are free gifts such as t-shirts, watch straps, etc. There is also a KOL live broadcast in front of the event. For more information about the Maimo Watch R, visit

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